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Parents are the first and most important source of sex and relationship education a person receives. 

Empowering parents with the comfort and tools they need to have age-appropriate conversations about sexuality and sexual health is critical for the health and safety of our children.

The ‘big talk’ is no longer effective to keep your child healthy and safe but there are few opportunities for parents to learn how to begin and be prepared for these important conversations about values, body science, and safety.

SLI offers engaging and entertaining parent workshops using evidence-based knowledge and innovative teaching and learning methods, to help equip parents with the tools they need.

 Be in touch with Julia for more information

Please join us for a workshop that best serves the needs of your family. See below for some Approachable AdultTM series highlights, and be in touch to book one for your community or service, or find out when the next workshop is being held in your area.

Being an Approachable Adult: Talking to Your Kids About Body Science and Sexuality

    For parents of babies, toddlers, and kids up to 5 years:  How early do I need to start Sex Ed and why?  Come learn what to say and when to your growing child as they are primed to learn and curious.  Build your comfort and competency for one of the most important jobs you have as a parent.
    For parents of kids aged 5-8:  Have you been successfully dodging questions?  Has the MEDIA been teaching your kids what ‘sex’ is?  Find out why you are the most important sex educator in your child’s life and when and how to have these sensitive conversations.  Help keep your children safe as they navigate the world around them.
    For parents of kids aged 8-12: It is a crucial that children find out about what is going to happen to them BEFORE it begins to happen.  Join Julia as she walks parents, like you, through the necessary steps to empowering your children through puberty.
    For parents of kids aged 12+:  Before it is too late, be sure to find out what resources you and your children/tweens need to navigate the sex saturated world around them.  Equip them with tools and information to safely pilot the social and emotional world they are facing ‘out there’.

These workshops are offered regularly so be sure to be in touch, or sign up to our Newsletter to hear more about where and when.

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