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There is a growing need for culturally relevant and culturally supported sexual health education taught to health professionals, parents, youth leaders, community leaders, and counsellors.

Camille Paglia comments on need for Training to teach Sex Ed

SLI teaches these groups how to “Be ApproachableTM” and enables them to deliver consistent, empowering knowledge about sexual and relational health to the populations they serve.

Julia Saunders, Director, believes in teaching sexual health in an entertaining, responsible and integral way, focused on dialogue and real tools to apply to experiencing a healthy sexuality, over the life span.  Distinctive and comprehensive workshops will provide lasting results in a common goal of sexual health for all.



Specialized, hands-on, interactive

Q&A based learning

SLI provides evidence-based, innovative and engaging sexual health education environments for trainings where learners are empowered with comfort and competency to help clients/students they serve to make educated choices regarding their sexual and relational lives, and to communicate these choices to others.

SLI offers context specific, highly specialized workshops for:

  • professionals, community leaders and service providers to be comfortable with the topic of human sexuality and gender, and feel competent teaching and talking about it with the populations they serve.
  • for youth and adults to be informed and empowered to communicate what they want, for example, empowerment, boundary setting, healthy sexual expression, and to avoid what they don’t want - abuse, assault, STI’s, or an unintended pregnancy.



SLI Education Inc.  trains teachers of all kinds to be comfortable with the topic of human sexuality and feel competent teaching it to their students.  All teachers would do well to have the tools to teach anti-oppressively and also about sexuality and relationship, for example, seeing and knowing what to do with 'teachable moments' in an every-day classroom experience. 

Those teachers responsible for covering health curriculum deserve to have what they need to feel competent and effectively teach this sensitive topic.

There are few opportunities for teachers or other professionals working with youth to learn how to be sexual health educators, or to 'Be Approachable'TM.  SLI offers engaging and entertaining professional development workshops using evidence-bases knowledge and innovative teaching and learning methods.


K-12 School Administration

Schools are in a unique position of having meaningful contact with nearly every young person in BC.   They have a critically important opportunity to provide youth with the skills and knowledge they require to navigate and act on decisions that develop their identity and health over their lifetime (Options for Sexual Health, 2004).

We know school administration work hard to support the students and teachers in our schools.  If you are one, please be in contact regarding sexual health education training for your teachers in service.



A critical piece of every program that prepares our teachers to teach in the K-12 system is information about young people's sexuality and sexual and social development.  This is a KEY to preventing bullying in schools. 

Teaching and preparing our future teachers to know what to expect with stages of puberty, gender identity, sexuality and sexual development, and how young people develop relationships is crucial.  Also, Canadian educational institutions must provide comprehensive sexual health education as a most basic part of adolescent health care and education (SIECAN, 2008; Health Canada, 2003 & 2008).  This is still inconsistently done, and when it is covered, it is usually too little, too late.

It would be beneficial for all teachers to undergo at least one course in their B.Ed. or undergrad that addresses personal and emotional/social educational needs for youth. Even if the aim is to prevent or lessen the traumas of bullying.

It is appropriate and logical to provide sexual, social and emotional education in pre-service education (B.Ed.), however, this is being done only a small percentage of the time across the country.

SLI Education Inc. provides this training in a short series of workshops for the B.Ed. programs in our universities, and can also be done in any Pro-D environment.

Please be in touch with us to find out more.



Along the directive of empowered sexuality over ages and stages, Julia’s sex ed experience is varied and extensive.  Some examples include producing a weekly JuiceBox Radio sex and relationship talk show for over 200 episodes, to multiple media experiences where she responded as the "sexpert" to inquiries about sexual and relationship matters.

Julia's Sacred Sexuality workshops, such as Exploring Erotic AlchemyTM, focus on the science, culture and spirituality of attraction, dating, passion, and how to create and maintain ‘hot sex’ in your long term relationship.  Other workshops focus on pleasure and communication specialized to the preferred topic area of her clients, both single and coupled, including difficult conversations about sexually transmitted infections such as Herpes II, and topics such as sexual fantasies or preferences.




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