What can I achieve?

Although I specialize in Family Life, Sexuality, & Relationship, you will experience empowerment and freedom in all you do in life, no matter the limitations you perceive or have experienced.

Doing a series of sessions with me you will dissolve the conscious or unconscious training, associations, fears, desires and other filters that have been keeping you from fully being in your power, from being your authentic self, and expressing harmony in your life.

You will be able to uncover and utilize your wisdom in all areas of your life where it will serve you beyond your greatest imaginings:  life purpose, relationships, sexuality, family - it is truely unlimited what is available to you.

My coaching toolbox is based on a very high technology for healing and human potential.  Integrated Freedom Technology (IFT) is totally cutting edge with results that LAST.  

Read more about it below.

This work is for someone who:

  • Has tried to change and keeps finding her/himself stuck
  • Is ready to shift and be transformed, ready to live in freedom
  • Who won't be shaken by rapid results

Working with a coach creates momentum.  A partnership between coach and client creates a support structure to initiate and produce the changes you desire in your life. With the powerful modality I use in my practice, you will find the answers and guidance you are seeking quickly and the change will last.

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What is available?

The healing and human potential technology I use goes to the core of your obstacles and problems, and dissolves them deeply, thoroughly and fast.  Try it today and you will be amazed.

Discovery Session - tell me how you heard of me and receive 50% off

1 session: 45 min

  • We work to distill down what you want to resolve and steps forward
  • Includes a write-up outlining the session
  • resources to support your goals
  • One accountability call/email

Your discovery session provides an opportunity for you to distill down what is your central issue and devise a plan to release you fully from the struggle.  It also allows us to get to know each other a bit and see if we want to work together - whether it is a good fit or not.

Dissolve your Issue Journey

5 session journey: 90 minutes each session, typically once a week to every 10 days

  • You will completely remove the issue or problem you are facing in your life, and replace it with steps forward that are actually doable.  The issue you bring will not return.
  • Email or phone support
  • Resources to support your goals

Journey to Freedom

3 month coaching journey

  • Two 90 minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited laser coaching
  • Email/phone support
  • Accountability calls

These journey's are for you, who:

  • is willing to continue to turn inward to remove blocks and resolve your issue(s) while taking steps outward towards your goal
  •  is willing to walk away from ‘your story’ and begin to shape a new one

Whichever journey you decide on, we talk openly about your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  Then we work together to dissolve issues and traumas, harmonize and integrate multiple aspects of yourself to achieve a more 'whole' you, and build and attain goals you set for yourself, or your relationships.

Ready to get to work? Questions?

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Tell me more about Integrated Freedom Technology

The radically new methodology I use goes to the heart and soul of one’s problems and deals with integrating the disharmony totally, so that all that is left is peace and a keen sense of clear direction.

If you are a self improvement 'junkie' but have found that problems come back ... and feel somewhere deep inside that you will never truely be able to change or shift ... that freedom is an impossibility,

Well, search no more.

Have a Discovery Session and you’ll see why working with these processes will dissolve problems at their root – permanently - and how you can come out the other side enlightened with inner wisdom, feeling awake, peaceful and harmonious.

This technology goes to the core of your obstacles and problems, and dissolves them deeply, thoroughly and fast.

Try it today and you will be amazed.

Some Testimonials:

Peter Levesque, President, Institute for Knowledge Mobilization
Ottawa, ON

"Working with Julia was a phenomenal experience that is continuing to produce benefits personally and professionally. The sessions in Vancouver and the subsequent telephone conversations have brought clarity to many aspects of my life.

As a result of the work we did together, my decision-making is less conflicted. My empathy for others is sharper and not clouded with previous injuries. My connection to family and friends is clearer and more pleasurable. Several issues I was struggling with have been resolved quicker than anticipated. I am also experiencing greater joy in my work, with the added benefit of greater income and resources.

Julia Saunders is a skilled facilitator. Her professional yet warm style opens the conversations quickly. She builds trust and then takes you over difficult terrain with a feeling that you are safe despite the hazards that you will encounter.

I recommend her highly. This is an investment in your well-being and one well worth making. I am willing to talk to anyone who may have doubts about Julia or the Journey to Freedom Program – it works!"

Eva R., Registered Nurse and Counsellor

Vancouver, BC

"I experienced a Trauma Release session with Julia and had some incredible results!  I didn't even realize that there was so much anger attached to the grief related to the death of my best friend's son.  The process allowed me to discharge the anger and finally feel all my sadness and love.  I will be able now to move on in my grief and support my friend in her sorrow."

Kathy Bazinet,
Mental Health Worker
Ottawa, ON

"With Julia's gifted coaching she supported me to move from a very negative place: my feelings of not being seen, of not being acknowledged or accepted were completely eliminated during this 90 min session! The feeling of 'being home' within myself, being in a blissful pure place was fully achieved.  I am filled with deep, profound gratitude!"

Marie France Dayan, Real Estate Investor and Private Lender
Montreal, PQ


"Julia, you are an amazing coach with a huge heart and presence! I went through a beautiful and wonderful journey thanks to you, which I will bring out in to my life and increase the ease with which I live. Your great presence, energy and professionalism was impeccable."

R.Walters, Edmonton, AB


"As a result of going through a session with Julia, I feel more freedom and peace in my life, and was able to work through some very difficult issues and clear the charge I had around them. I highly recommend Julia if you have an area in your life where you feel stuck, or are struggling to gain freedom."

Sahara Exodus, Vancouver, BC

"Julia: I am in awe of your amazing session! You are naturally gifted with a big heart, and with fully conscious presence you hold space so beautifully. You helped me come out of my shell, and work your many skills as an incredible Coach/Counsellor! I appreciated how you took me through a number of levels - to go deeper - to break new ground. Because of the nature of who you are and the work you've done on yourself, I felt comfortable to allow you to break through my walls, and somehow you made your way to my core!

Your powerful healing session delved deep into issues I've been struggling with for a long time and dissolved them.  I now feel lighter being OK with it all.  With this new awareness there is a light at the end of the tunnel."


Little Woo, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so much doing a session with me to help alleviate the energetic trauma that I sustained many years ago from a near-death experience.  It was fascinating to experience this somatic healing technique - I'm sure you will help a lot of people! ...  Deep blessings for your passionate devotion to the healing arts, Julia!"


I challenge and invite you to follow freedom

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