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Sex Love Intelligence Education Inc. (SLI Education) is a sexual health education and Family Life, Sex & Relationship Coaching company located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Among other services, we provide Professional Development (Pro-D) and Parent workshops on sexuality and sexual health education.  Our Pro-D series are for counselors, teachers, community leaders and other service providers.

Our holistic and integrated coaching practice can be accessed in person in Vancouver or on-line world wide.

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Holistic, innovative and distinctive ways of teaching and coaching creates lasting results in a common goal of health and empowerment for all.

Julia Saunders, BHE, MEd
Director of Sex Love Intelligence Education Inc.

Julia founded and incorporated SLI Education, after graduating with her Masters in Sex Education Curriculum, and spending many years involved as a ‘sexpert’ in media, film, and television.  Curriculum development and delivering workshops was a primary focus of Julia's for many years.

For over 25 years Julia’s passion for emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong and integrated individuals and relationships has brought her to seek multiple modalities for healing and human potential.  Her journey has attracted many people to seek her wisdom and guidance and her coaching practice bloomed.

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Highly integrated and holistic coaching which uses a very advanced technology for healing and human potential.  No more searching and hoping for lasting change and movement forward.          Read More...

Curriculum design for school-based sexual health education programming, including crucial parent and teacher training.                 Read More....

Specialized sexuality and sexual health education workshops based on communication and empowerment, for:

  • Parents to talk to your children at every age and stage about body science, sexual health and safety.

  • Community workshops for couples and singles to build their openness and capacity for the kind of sexual life they want.

  • Students (aged 14 - 25) regarding healthy sexual and relational decision making.


  • Comprehensive sexuality and sexual health education workshops focused on dialogue and real tools to apply to healthy sexuality and relationships over the life-span.

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